Monday, November 5, 2012

Its raining on Melbourne Cup day... surprises there. It can be 30 degrees and baking, or howling with rain. Green Moon won the race, if you are interested.

I have just finished one of the most intense working periods of my career. Lots of great stuff, but am tired. The Impossible Orchestra (see photo) was both those things, intense and tiring. The project was to raise awareness of 24 hour carers, in behalf of Care Aware. Brett Kelly masterminded an orchestral performance that ran for 24 hours from 5pm on Sat 27th Oct and ran none stop thro until 5pm Sunday, split into 8 x 3 hour gigs. I did the first and last, then had to chisel myself out of bed for the 5am and then 8am gigs, which meant I played 9 out of the lst 12 hours. Wonderful show, great comeradery, and memories that will stay with me forever.

Next was the 50th Gala of the Australian Ballet. We were blessed with amazing international soloists from Tokyo, Stuttgart, San Fransisco, China, as well as the full force of TAB. Another amazing show.

I have sold the Kennedy - so am down to only two basses once more. Nicky will be happy! Steve Newton is the new custodian of one of the best basses I have ever had the pleasure to play. I wish them both a long and fruitful partnership.

Contracts are starting to come in for 2013. Its looking like 3 months with the Tasmanian Symphony starting in Jan and 2 months with the Melbourne Symphony in July/Aug. The gaps are likely to be filled with Orchestra Victoria.

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