Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Glorious Tasmania

I have now moved out of the Old Woolstore and into Stuart Thomsons spare room. He is building a studio in the garden, and when its done I will move in there for the rest of my time in Tazzie, ie up until 20th April.

Still having a ball, great weather, mild summer, lots of sunshine, and its fun being in paradise. Nicky has arrived in Australia and popped over for the weekend - we visited lots of groovy places around the top of the island.

We are now well and truly into the years programs. The last one was great fun - I played chimes in Ross Edwards piece Tyalgum Mantras, an atmospheric Australian work for didgeridoo and mixed ensemble, plus 12 chimists (if such a word exists) dotted around the hall.

We have started work on the Rolla trio, for my debut with the Elanee Ensemble next month. Its a trio originally written for viola, cello and bassoon, but we are doing it for viola and two basses. Some groovy low sonorities...and lots of notes!