Friday, March 30, 2012

It never rains, but when it does... pours. After one of the quietest months of my professional life in Jan, I am fresh back from a crazy schedule. From Mon 6/2 I did over 1700 miles in 10 days covering Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Helensborough, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol and London.

SCO were magnificent, as ever. Andrew Manze is a wonderful conductor, so musical, and lets the players sing, he guides a talented group of musos to bring the best out of them. I will think very differently of Erioca in future. It was wonderful meeting Peter Palotai

The Liverpool bit of the tour was for an audition for no2 with the Liverpool Phil - I have been lucky enough to win a trial. Thanks Marcel. No dates yet, but am looking forward to going in and meeting the section and rest of the orchestra.