Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lots of gigs in Melbourne

Its mid October and I have been back in Melbourne six weeks already, half way thro my stint here.

After Swan Lake it was a chamber orchestra program with Orchestra Victoria (OV) directed by the amazing Adam Chalabi. Mozart 38, the Prague, always great to play, and amazing it only has 3 movements. Bach's concerto for two violin, known as the Bach Double, or perhaps the Dark Bubble, was wonderful. And some Handel plus Battalia by Biber, a quirky piece of baroque program music rounded of a cool program in the recital hall and on tour in Hamilton.

Last weekend I was a tutor, playing in the Melbourne Youth Orchestra. In a section of 6 there was only only one student! It was fun, if loud. I had forgotten how excited young brass players can get, and Alexander Nevsky is a very noisy work. Fun though.

The photo shows me at Atelier Puglisi, trying out Ben's Panormo model in the white. It sounded great, a few days later after it had been varnished also. Its off to the US for a makers competition - good luck Ben.

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