Tuesday, May 10, 2011

WNO principal audition - June 2011

Am busy working on the excerpts for the Welsh National Opera audition in early June. The excerpts are:-
Berg - Wozzeck - Act 3 solo, fig 55
Bach - Vn conc in E - 2nd movement tune in C# min
Britten - Peter Grimes - Fig 34, Molto Allegro, tricky passage
Britten - Peter Grimes - the nasty G flat maj passage with lots of string crossings
Britten - Albert Herring - solo at fig 37
Mozart - Magic Flute - Overture, all of it
Strauss - Adriadne auf Naxos - 104-107, and 129, the latter is tricky
Strauss - Der Rosenkavalier - reh 102 and 154
Verdi - Aida - the slow A maj bit that is often a tuning problem
Verdi - Falstaff - Act III, Parte I, Allegro Agitato, molto staccato passage
Verdi - Otello - Act 4 section solo
Verdi - Rigoletto- fig 3 solo with solo cello, F maj tune
Verdi - La Traviata - stretta del introduzione, the F min passage that goes up a semitone every 2 bars
Verdi - La Traviata - bar 114, off the string passagework
Verdi - La Traviata - bar 213, off the string passagework

The solo pieces are a first movement concerto, plus another. And there is the chance of sightreading!

Its a good list, all opera except for the Bach, and lots of Verdi. No surprise there!