Monday, September 3, 2012

Olympics, cream teas and Australian visitors


August is festival season in the UK. The last two years I have done Festivals in Buxton, Minehead, Edinburgh and St Columb, and this year can add St Endelion. The two cornish St's this year will lead to a lot of cream teas and pressure on my belt....again.

There was an amazing coincidence at the Soldiers Tale concert at St Endelion on 6th August. I was drafted in at short notice, possibly on the basis that I had played it before. Which is true, but it was 30 years ago in 1982, as a student at Birmingham. Remarkably, Robin Tebbutt was in the audience in St Endelion, who was the Narrator in the 1982 performance - I have not seen Robin since 1983. What a small world.

Steve Martin (ex Principal bass with the Tasmanian SO) and Dennis Vaughan (Associate Principal bass with Orchestra Victoria) are both visiting in August, along with significant others Diane and Joan respectively. It should be fun - we have promised to keep the talk of machine heads and tailwires to a minimum.

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