Monday, September 3, 2012

From Edinburgh to Melbourne


St Columb Festival was as wonderful as ever. I am of the opinion that the bass in not a solo instrument, really, so the ultimate repertoire for us is chamber music. I get the chance to play the greats as well as some of the not-so-well known pieces, thanks to Harmoniemusik. We have been doing a week festival with three programs since 1992 - but I did have a small sabbatical in Australia for 15 years. Its great to be back. The Trout quintet is always joy - I have performed it 8 times since 1988 and my 9th is coming up in Melbourne in November with the Firebird Trio. That should be very special indeed. Am sure I will never tire of it.

My week with Scottish Chamber Orchestra was amazing. The combination of one of the worlds best small groups, Robin Ticciati and Alina Pogostkina was to die for. Words alone cannot do justice to this performance. Alina is beautiful, in every way. A real superstar, surely to be acknowledged on the world stage, if she hasnt achieved that already. The bass section was Lynda Houghton, Adrian Bornet, Lynette Eaton and me. I have worked with Adrian a good few times, lovely bloke. It was great to work with Lynda, who I have tried to capture in the arty shot to the Right. And Lynette and I go back to our London days, in the 1990s. Wonderful section, both musically and socially.

And ACO were in town, doing a gig on the same day as SCO. I got to spend some quality time with Maxime Bibeau and many of the other guys, while they struggled with jet lag, having just landed from Australia.

Am typing this from a hotel in Doha, on route to Melbourne. I missed my connection to Australia, so am in a hotel looking out at an airport in the desert in 38 degrees.

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