Monday, October 27, 2014

Kammermusik - Fish Creek Oct 2014

The photos on this page were taken at concerts at two Fish Creek venues in October 2014:-

Sat 4/10/14, Waratah Hills Vineyard. We performed a quartet program of Mozart, Bach and some more modern music - a smorgasbord of treats. The photo below is Roy performing the Bach E maj partita

Sat 25/10/14 - Celia Rosser Gallery, Fish Creek. The main course was Dvorak's majestic quintet in G, with his Terzetto and Rossini's first string sonata. Repeat concerts Parkville on Nov 9th. Great space, lovely audience, it was an all round great occasion......that almost didnt happen.

The shot below is of the Drovak Terzetto rehearsal, with Roy, Tim and Jason

The Fish Creek concert was not without its problems. It would be just wonderful if everyone could get on and make the world a better place but petty politics often gets in the way and stuffs things up. Shame. We got to the gig in the end but it was hard work. We will not be performing in Fish Creek for quite some time, until the scars have healed

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