Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Kammermusik tour May/June 2014

The photos on this page and in the Gallery show images from our recent concert series in Gippsland. Concerts were at:-

31/5/14 The Celia Rosser Gallery, Fish Creek

1/6/14 Community Hall, Cape Paterson

Fish Creek sold out two weeks before the concert. The gallery is a wonderful space for chamber music, perfect acoustic and Celias wonderful art in the walls. We performed:-

R Strauss - sextet from Capriccio

Puccini/Riley - Tosca (abridged)

Brahms - sextet no 2 in G

Our audience arrived before finished our seating all - the locals are keen on getting the vest seats. Sid Cowling, a local bass player is always keen to keep an eye on Stuart!

Tosca was fun, if a little tongue in cheek. The whole story plus the best tunes were all performed in 30 mins, for a fraction of the price of the opera. An no singers!! Fun was had by all, especially Jason!!

We are working on plans for a series of three concerts each in Fish Creek, Cape Paterson and Parkville, around the following dates:-

late Oct - possibly a Dvorak program including the string quintet in G and the Terzetto

Labour Day weekend 2015, 7th and 8th March

Late May - Gallery closing weekend

We are still on the hunt for other venues an hour or so from Melbourne. We put in huge amounts of rehearsal time and it makes sense to do a few more performances.

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