Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Spring has sprung, and life getting busier

The music scene in the UK is often quiet in January, but I think its been much worse this year. Many musos have been talking of empty diaries, worse than normal. A sign of the economic times I guess. I had only 2 paid calls in Jan, and another two in March, so plenty of time to practice for auditions!

I have started a trial period with the Royal Liverpool Phil. A pair of concerts with Carl Davis playing sporting themes in the Philharmonic Hall and Blackburn's St Georges was my introduction to the band. And a jolly friendly talented band they are too.

And then its back to to Liverpool to do two programs - a concert of British film music with John Wilson then the orchestra accompanies films with some great music, including Night on a Mare Mountain and Janacek's wonderful Cunning Little Vixen.

In May I have a week in Edinburgh doing Beethoven's 9th with Scottish Chamber Orchestra then a month of Walkure with Opera North. So I hope the fuel tanker drivers to not go on strike as I will need plenty of fuel between now and July. Now what was the famous Woody Allen quote......

Websites are funny things. The creator posts stuff up and doesnt really know if anyone is reading it, and if so who. I recently got some feedback that at least one person has logged on and read some of my ramblings. But this means I might need to be more careful what I write. The person will remain nameless, but I would just like to say that Ashley Frampton is a great bloke and amazing bass player!

Did you know? That in my time in the UK two orchestras has asked for a deposit to be paid before being granted an audition, which would be returned if the candidate showed up. I dont have a problem with this as I guess there are quite a few people who fail to show up at little or no notice and this must waste hours of time for the panel, and possibly deny others a chance to play instead. But I just pulled out of one audition that was to be held over two days, one of which I could not do, and I was asked for a cheque without a guarantee of a slot on the only day I could do! So on top of all the preparation work, travel, accomodation etc we put in free for auditions, it looks like we might now be charged a fee for the process.

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