Monday, October 11, 2010

4 Oct 2010 Opera North Casual Audition

Next was Leeds in the North of England. Opera North were well organised, advertising the casual audition, and around 8 or so players turned up from all over the country. They set:-
Concerto movement of candidate’s choice – I played the first movement of the Dragonetti
Beethoven 5 – 6 passages, two from the 2nd movement (fig C, the semi demi passage in A flat) and the semi quaver cresc passage a little later. The two pp arpeggio passages from the Scherzo and two of the C maj quaver passages in the Trio.
Mozart 39 – two passages, the semi-demi runs in the intro leading into the Allegro including the theme. Then the usual semi quaver passage in the last movement
Rigoletto – the chorus in 5 flats, the number before the cello/bass duet. Its a vivace in ¾ starting with octave D flats, a cresc from ppp to ff.
Brahms Requiem – slow lyrical line in E flat
The excerpts were again well chosen, one opera, one choral, reflecting most of the work that Opera North do, but they also so a lot of symphonic repertoire, so the Beethoven and Mozart were valid inclusions.
The panel was the bass section, Paul Miller (principal), Peter Fry and Claire Sadler, and the audition was in a glorious warm up/reh room was an acoustic to die for. They panel were charming and very friendly, and the audition was open, no screens.
The audition went well. The panel were interested in my bass, the Kennedy. They asked for the Beethoven Scherzo to be played again, but shorter.
Outcome – Success, I am on the list at Opera North.

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